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Campaigns: City of the Damned: Ep 4 – Leap of Faith

Hello and welcome to the Campaigns, the Actual Play Podcasts from The Rpg Academy. I am Michael and this is the Campaigns:  City of the Damned Episode 4 – Leap of Faith

This whole adventure, which i’m calling The Cursed City of Kalamot, or City of the Damned, is based on my Synergy concept of using a pack of Magic The Gathering cards to inspire a game.  Once all the episodes are out i’ll share the outline I wrote and used as my adventure guide.

This episode picks up with the PC’s learning that their airship is being attacked by Sky Pirates. They think they know where the Wizard’s Ball is but will they be able to keep the Sky Pirates at bay long enough to get it?


Travis and Nick were not able to play again this week, but we have Evan as Belial and Dustin as Ando and I play Carter and Glug as NPC’s.


1. Evan is playing a Wizard named Belial.  HIs Wizard is Atypical in that his power comes from a magical artifact he found while hunting/trapping in the woods. His Wizard’s Ball is based on the Wizard’s Glasses from the Stephen King series, The Dark Tower.  Mechanically, this is all just fluff, but in the game the Ball he found has taught him how to cast spells, but he can only cast them through the ball (he can still cast his cantrips without the ball, but that is it).  Evan’s PC (at the time, unnamed) feels like the Ball has been pushing him to leave their current town. Possibly to find another of this items.

2. Dustin is playing a Monk name Ando.  Dustin was a commoner who became injured and was taken to a monastery for healing. Once there he adopted their ways and became a student of Ang.  He became a favored student.  A schism was beginning to grow in the monastery concerning the future of their ways as Ang became ill. Ang summoned for the scrolls he had based his teachings off of to be brought to settle the schism but they were stolen on the way up the mountain. No one saw anything, but when they opened the locked case, all they found was an obsidian Tiger’s paw left in their place.

3. Nick is playing a Bard named Carter. His PC’s parents are part of a gypsy band of traveling performers. His Mother and Father are both very accomplished performers and musicians.  Nick’s Character was hoped to be a prodigy but never quite took to music/performing as his family. When he was quite young, his parents adopted a young child left on the side of the road. This new son, Scott, excelled at music and performing, quickly outshining Nick’s PC.  When he was old enough, Nick’s PC left his family and hopes to someday return having amassed fame and fortune to outshine Scott.

4. Travis is playing a Half-Orc Cleric named Glug. His Domain is War.  Travis wants to play him as a man caught between two inner conflicts. The human side of him wants peace, but the Orc side craves blood and war.  When he was first indoctrinated into the church one of his duties was to assist the Brewmaster. Over time his PC became a Brewer in his own rite.  He now spends his time in the world searching for new ingredients to try and perfect his signature draft.



Thanks for listening. We hope you enjoy.


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    • Jonathon on February 12, 2015 at 8:02 pm
    • Reply

    Seriously. Missing two players again. Grr.

    I understand that you are not being paid (since this might have been recorded before you started up the Patreon crowd funding program), but I personally would like to hear the podcasts with the full group instead of others filling in for what that PC would have done. Will think about donating once I get to the podcasts that were performed while part of Patreon.

    Ok… Off my soapbox and on to the show.

    Skypirates!!! Awesome!!!

    Wondering if Ando is going to jump onto a skiff. Ohhhh!!! Nice!!!

    Nice!!! Sleep spell ROCKS!!! No will save, no saving throw, just hit points from low to high and then Zzzz.

    Nice kick Ando! WOW!!! MVP goes to Ando!!!

    Holy Crap!!! Noooooooooooooo!!! So they seemed like a major NPC, so guessing 50/50 to whether they die. Would have been interesting if they did.

    Ok… The players were a bit more enthusiastic this time then the last episode, but the battle sequence seemed to move along smoothly.

    Congratulations – TWINS!



    1. Jonathon,
      I agree with you about the cast changing. We have a pretty good handle on the audio issues now (not 100% but close!) so my newest frustration is missing players. I’m happy to say it doesn’t happen very much at all any more. If we don’t have the full cast we just don’t play. We did have a small issue with Dragon Moon where two people played at the beginning but dropped out so the first couple episodes have Brad 1 who isn’t there after and then the second set of episodes has Brad 2 who didn’t come back (again, all still friends, just IRL issues) so we just cut them out and moved on with the regulars.

      Looking forward to you catching up, there’s a lot of great stuff for us to chat about.


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