Dec 22

Field Trip BtWM ep. 3 – Hit a Snag

Savage CthulhuHello and welcome to the Campaigns, the Actual Play Podcasts from The Rpg Academy. I am Michael and this is the Campaigns:  Burning the Wicker Man, episode 3 – Hit a snag

This is a special bonus series of games being DM’d by Chris Matney of Trapdoor Technologies. They are the minds behind Codename: Morningstar. Please take a look at their Kickstarter Page HERE and see if you can find a pledge level for you and kick them a few bucks.

Chris agreed to run my regular Roll20 group  (Matt, Scott and Caleb G. and I ) through a one-shot adventure called Burning The Wicker Man. This game is played using the Savage Worlds game system and the Realms of Cthulhu campaign Setting.


Amazon link to Savage Worlds

Amazon link to Realms of Cthulhu


Thanks for listening. We hope you enjoy.


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    • Phil Keister on July 14, 2015 at 11:39 am
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    Where is the rest of Burning the Wicker Man?

    1. Phil,
      As of right now, there is no more. We are at the mercy of our guest GM. We’ve discussed it and he’s on board with running the rest for us but we’ve been unable to schedule it. We did this first half during the initial Kickstarter when they were trying to launch their new campaign management tool and unfortunately that didn’t fund and since then he’s been very busy with re-tooling the project for another release. I’ve tried not to bug him about it too much but last time we chatted he was all for it.

      If we can make the 2nd half happen we will – but no timetable right now as to when.



    • Korbas on February 24, 2016 at 3:18 am
    • Reply

    It seems that when I was rolled as a character, luck was not one of my high attributes :).

    This is the second Actual Play that I liked and wanted to stick to it and as with the “A new world” campaign this was also discontinued :(((

    As I am listening through the episodes I am sure that I will find another one that will get my interest, despite my dislike of actual plays in general (as I have mentioned in the past).

    Keep up the good work!

    PS. I have heard all the Table Topics episodes and I now shuffle through the Actual Plays, Trials, Interviews, etc. until I’ve heard them all!
    PS2. Make more Show&Tell episodes where you comment on Geeky Movies! I loved the D&D ones!
    PS3. You have your first review on Greek i-Tunes (and guess what… It’s a five-star!)

    1. Korbas,
      Thanks for dropping us a line. We just started a new Campaign called Dark Discovery. which our plans are to continue this one for a while – but (and it’s a big but) after this week (4 character intro eps and 3 actual episodes) it will become a patron only game. So you can only hear the rest if you are a patron of ours at $5 or more. however, (and it’s a big however) we are also starting a new campaign called Wrought Iron that Caleb is running for our On-line group (Matthew, Scott and Myself) that’s going to start in March that will be out on the regular feed.

      We are doing a new Movie Day (Show & Tell now means interviews) THIS WEEK. on Saturday. In the Name of the King II! we are also doing a live hangout afterwards if you want to drop in then and say hi!

      Where is Geek I-Tunes?


        • Korbas on February 25, 2016 at 3:55 am
        • Reply

        Thanks for the reply!

        I will keep on listening, I am currently listening to the Dead Center and the first two episodes where hilarious.

        The review it’s on the Greek (Hellenic) i-Tunes 🙂


        1. Korbas,
          Well, for one that’s awesome and for two I’m an idiot. I thought that said Geek iTunes. Silly me.

          Thanks again!!

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