Jun 12

Campaigns: A New World – Ep 19: Dibs

DragonCityfinalHello, and welcome to the Campaigns, the Actual Play Podcasts from The RPG Academy. This is where you get to hear how our games actually run at the table.

I am Michael, and this is The Campaigns, A New World, Episode 19 – DIBS.

In our last episode the PC’s finally began to explore the city proper and found that to the right of the door they entered there was a collection of small, one-story buildings that all looked exactly the same. While exploring one of these buildings they found it locked from the inside, and then bodies inside as if they people had fought one another to the death.


Later, they found a large door that they believe would also lead out of the city. They were just about to open this door, when we left out. So, we’ll pick up there.



As always, thanks for listening.

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    • Jonathon M. Johnson on July 9, 2014 at 9:44 am
    • Reply

    Hey… You got a new intro. WOOHOO!!! The outro seemed different as well and overall the podcast is sounding very, very, professional.

    Ooops… Too late… Was just on your Facebook page and saw that you are helping out your friend with movie reviews.

    Knowing that the next podcast is the last one makes one think, as you listen to this episode, how is it going to end; what will be the twist; or do the characters just say WTF and drop to the ground and live.

    Why the heck would anyone want to live in a cave fulltime? I would just have stayed topside and live it out and if the sluggo’s wanted to attack and died, then so be it.

    What bothered me as a DM was that I have all of these monsters to deal with, the adventure, keeping the players in line, and then I still had players asking me questions about their characters; it is your character, read up on them and know their information. Protection from energy – water??? Water is not an energy, let alone in the description of the ‘Protection from Energy’ spell.

    Looking forward to the final episode to see how everything is wrapped up.



    1. Jonathon,
      I’m still playing around with the intro. I think the new version is a bit of music, then voice and then music again. I am doing a 2nd podcast with a friend on movies, but this one isn’t going anywhere. The original group fell apart, but DM’ing for as long as I have, you get used to that. We’re still playing Star Wars Edge of the Empire, I’m running a 13th Age game over roll20 and we have a local listener (Rocky) who is currently running my group through an Eberron Module using the DnD5e rules. So, lots and lots of stuff coming down the pipe.

      Tomorrow, i’m going to start releasing the City of the Damned adventure episodes. This is the short adventure I wrote using our synergy method to let Dustin try out D&D (as I mentioned at the end of A New World ep 20). it should run 6 or 7 episodes and then we’ll get started on my 13th Age Campaign: Secret’s, Lies and the Undead.


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