Nov 24

Bonus Ep – AcadeCon 2016 Thank You!!





Hello and welcome to a BONUS episode of The RPG Academy Podcast. In this episode Caleb and I wax poetic about AcadeCon 2016 and Thank everyone we can think of for helping us.  If you care about AcadeCon, enjoy. If you don’t – skip this one. There’s nothing else going on.


If you’re interested in the possibility of AcadeCon 2017 – listen to the end!


I hope you enjoy!!



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  1. I just wanted to give both of you a big thank you. That really did run very smoothly the whole time and even though I didn’t get to talk with you as much as I would have wanted, as I over booked myself and you guys were always busy, it was a ton of fun to meet you guys, to meet the special guests who I’ve listened to, and to meet the faculty. I know it was an amazing time going out on Saturday evening and talking with Shane, Scott, and others who were out at Barrel House. I keep on thinking about the fun games that I got to play with Ryan, and other DM’s, and the fun time I had running my games and I’m already waiting for next years and coming up with ideas for the one game that I either have to rework, or maybe just try pulling out a new system since I’m now very inspired to run a Star Wars game as well. You guys made it an awesome and so smooth time and it was so much fun. Thank you!

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