Jul 17

And the Winner Is . . .

These are the top 5 OUT submissions from all that we received as chosen by the Sasquatch Studio guys (Rich, David and Stephen) and Caleb and myself.  Please vote for the one you think is the best and/or would be the best for the game. Whichever OUT gets the most votes, the person that submitted it wins a seat to our Hosted Game of 13th Age set in the new Primeval Thule setting at GenCon 2014

OUT winner

With almost 32% of all votes cast our winner is “Twice when I was a child, I was saved by a strange little man. First, he saved me from freezing to death. The second time, he saved me from drowning. Each time he asked for nothing, but left saying “three completes the binding”  I fear that someday soon he will save me again and I will find out to what (or whom) I am bound.

The winning submission was sent in by Phillip W.

Phillip will be joining Chris and Aaron from NPC Cast, Enrique AKA Newbie DM and myself as players in a special game of 13th Age in the new Primeval Thule Setting. David Noonan, one of the settings creators will be our DM.


A big thank you to everyone who submitted and to everyone who cast votes.




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