Jan 01

2017 HAPPY NEW YEAR’s Bonus ep: Lawful & Orderly



Hello and welcome to a bonus 2017 HAPPY NEW YEAR’s episode.


In this episode we announce our newest RPG Academy Network Member; Taylor LeBresh (@LeviathanFiles) and his show Riverhouse Games.  Game Closet is an interview podcast seeking to talk to and highlight the contributions and projects of LGBT+ tabletop gamers. Hosted by a relative newcomer to the tabletop community, Taylor LaBresh, this show is produced under the Riverhouse Games brand alongside another podcast, The Leviathan Files, and small story games. The goal of Game Closet is to showcase queer and LGBT+ topics within the tabletop community, explore these themes as they appear in tabletop RPGs, and to celebrate the wide array of amazingly talented LGBT+ creators and fans.


The rest of the episode is an interview I did with Scott (@Geowtf) and Andrew Young (@thatoneGM) about their soon-to-launch D&D police procedural campaign: Lawful & Orderly: SVU.  Launching on Monday, January 9th at 8:00 PM on our Twitch Channel;  www.twitch.tv/Therpgacademy.


Thanks for being with us for 2016 and I hope you stick around for 2017 and all the crazy amazing things we are planning to do.
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