June 2016 archive

Jun 30

Fewer skill checks, please.

  Note to readers, this article was inspired by Table Topics # 68  – Setting DC’s in D&D  You can listen to that episode here: www.therpgacademy.com/table-topics-episode-68-dcs-in-dnd   Fewer skill checks, please.   Role Playing Games, by their very nature, are an odd mixture of free-form cooperative storytelling and rigid mechanics. Everyone approaches this mix according to …

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Jun 28

Faculty Meeting # 96 – Origins 2016

  Hello and welcome to Faculty Meetings – The general advice and discussion podcasts from The Rpg Academy. This is Faculty Meeting # 96 – Origins 2016 This episode of The RPG Academy Podcast is sponsored by Boardgametables.com and their current 1 Million + Kickstarter for the Duchess game table.  Please check them out and support the …

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Jun 23

Field Trip : Cthulhu Wushu Part 2

      Hello Students! Crunch here with the conclusion of our excursion into the Wushu-powered Lovecraftian world of DISK. Devon and Matthew wrap up their assignment and a few very surprising things happen. We had so much fun creating this world that we will probably continue to build and develop the setting in the future. …

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Jun 20

Intro to Player Narrative Control

  Note to readers, this article was inspired by Table Topics # 88  – The matrix. You can listen to that episode here: www.therpgacademy.com/table-topics/the-matrix   Introduction to Player Narrative Control: The idea of Player Narrative Control is that you allow players to create details of the story that then become real in the game world. …

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Jun 16

Field Trip : Cthulhu Wushu Part 1

      Hello Students! Crunch here with a bonus episode while our fearless leader is away at Origins. There are actually quite a few Network members at Origins this year, so make sure you hunt them down play some games. In this episode, I am joined by Devon from the Shark Bone Podcast and …

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Jun 13

What’s in a Name?

  Note to reader: This article was inspired by Dungeon Talk Episode 1 of The RPG Academy Podcast. You can listen to that full episode at : www.theRpgacademy.com/dungeon-talk-episode-1-the-beginning/ What’s in a name? Less than you might think. When I first started running games I was terrified that a player would ask me questions I couldn’t …

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Jun 12

First Time at the Academy ?

Hello and welcome to The RPG Academy podcast website.  If this is your first time here, we want to give you a brief tour of the Academy to help you get acclimated to the wide variety of content we provide and our extensive back catalog. Primarily, we are a podcast. We strive to hit a …

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Jun 09

Show and Tell 29 : Mastermind’s Workshop

Hello and welcome to Show & Tell the Podcasts from The Rpg Academy where we bring on guests to talk about something new and cool we want them to show us and tell us all about! (Get it?)   Today’s guests are Tim and Dave from Medieval Interaction Gaming. They are here to share their …

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