November 2013 archive

Nov 27

Dungeon Talk: Episode 29- I won, I think

Hey what’s up guys.  Dungeon talk 29 here called I Won, I think.  Tonight’s discussion was about one topic only.  Winning.  Some of the things we tried to discuss were, is it possible to win at d&d?  What is winning?  What are some moments when you might feel like your winning?  Should d&d be thought …

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Nov 26

DnD Arts & Crafts: Gaming Stones

Hello and welcome to DnD Arts&Crafts. I am Michael and this is a Thrifty DM tip on buying Gaming stones. As I mentioned in my past article on Spell Slot Trackers  I played in a Savage Worlds game at Gencon 2013 and that GM used Gaming Stones like these:   To keep track of spell points. …

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Nov 23

Trial of FAE: Episode 2 – Chant Harder!

Hello and Welcome to the Campaigns. These are the Actual Play Podcasts from DnD Academy. And here is the second of 2 episodes from our unplanned hacked FAE game. Travis and Niko delve deeper into the mine/cave network looking for signs of their missing friend Doria.   As always, thanks for listening. We hope you …

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Nov 19

DnD Arts & Crafts: Spell Slot Tracker

Hello and welcome to DnD Arts&Crafts. I am Michael and I’m going to show you a couple ways to keep track of the spell slots your caster has to use with the spell cards we made for our DnD next game. Now that we have the spell cards, what is the best way to keep track …

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Nov 16

Trial of FAE Episode 1 – Paper, Rock, Wizard!

Hello and welcome to the Trials. This is where we test out new game systems, so you don’t have to.  I am Michael and this is the Trial of FAE.  Episode 1 – Paper, Rock, Wizard! This Play test is a bit different than the other ones so far, in that this one wasn’t really planed. …

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Nov 10

Show and Tell – Primeval Thule Intervule

Hello Everyone, Very excited to bring you this extra-special episode. We had the privilege of sitting down (well, on Google Hangouts) with Richard Baker and Stephen Schubert of Sasquatch Game Studio and talk about their recently Kickstarted product Primeval Thule.  Thule is a campaign setting in the vein of Conan vs. Cthulhu, low magic, where …

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Nov 06

GM’s Toolbox by Caleb: Mix it up!

MIX IT UP In this article, I wanted to talk about ways to get your players more involved at the gaming table. Sometimes, new players or more casual players have a hard time focusing on the game. Let’s be honest, DnD can be abstract, at times. As GMs, we can do our best to involve …

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Nov 01

The Trials: 13th Age Episode 2: “That’s My Hammer!”

Hello and welcome to the Trials. This is where we try out new game systems, so you don’t have to. I am Michael and this is the Trials of 13th Age. Episode 2  – That’s my hammer!   In this Episode we continue the adventures of Noverie and SC37 as they make their way toward …

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