April 2013 archive

Apr 29

Savage Worlds: Deadlands -Reloaded.

Savage Worlds: Deadlands-Reloaded.  Initial impressions Recently during a Dungeon Talk, Evan expressed the desire to try a different genre of Role-playing games. So far, he had only played D&D, though he had played 4e, 3.5 and currently the DnDNext play test packets.  I’m pretty much a Fantasy game purist, I likes to kill me some …

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Apr 27

Dungeon Talk: Episode 17 – It ain’t easy out here for a DM

Hello all, Here is Episode 17 of  Dungeon Talk; our General advice/discussion podcast.   When ran a little long this week because of a new segment we tried, so we don’t quite get to all our the Topics we said we would. Thought both our Table Topics intertwined quite a bit so most of it …

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Apr 24

GM’s Toolbox by Caleb G. DC’s

When we break DnD down to its most basic components, it’s all about a comparison of numbers.  Every piece of data on a character sheet exists to not only define the PC, but to show how he or she can be compared against another character or monster.  Obviously, this is most clearly seen in situations …

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Apr 20

The Campaigns: Made Men – Episode 14 – “That’s What I Thought Would Happen.”

Hello all, Here is Episode 14 of our DnD Next Actual Play Podcast. In the last Episode, the PC’s entered the Wastelands and headed toward the Old Stone Fort Tower.   In this Episode we pick up right as the PC’s enter the tower as the entire Elven Nation sits and watches.   From a …

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Apr 16

Movie Days ep 1 – Dungeons & Dragons the Movie

Hello all, Well as promised a while ago, here is Episode # 1 of our new Podcast: Show & Tell. Essentially this is our take of the How Did This Get Made Podcast (of which, I am a huge fan) where we will be watching D&D or RPG related movies and then discussing them afterwards. …

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Apr 13

No roll before its time.

Hello all, Michael here with what I hope is a first post of many focused, for a change, on the Player. The majority of the posts we have here and our podcasts are aimed at helping new DM’s become better or at least give them something to think about and/or steal for their own games. …

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Apr 13

Dungeon Talk: Episode 16 – A New Introduction is in Order

Hello all, Here is Episode 16 of  Dungeon Talk; our General advice/discussion podcast.   The big news this week is that one of frequent commentors and Twitter Followers; @vanRPL,  has given us an intro upgrade!   So, if you normally skip over the music intro, please go back and give this one a listen – …

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Apr 10

GM’s Toolbox by Caleb G. DM flubbing Rolls.

Every player of DnD can relate a story of a perfectly planned combat action or skill check that has failed simply due to a bad roll of the dice.  As GMs, you obviously experience this much more frequently as you have to roll for every monster, NPC, and opponent you put into the game.  In …

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Apr 07

A Night in Seyvoth Manor

HelIo all, I am very excited to announce that David Flor known as @Brianclouds on Twitter has allowed us to add his D&D 4e adventure  A Night in Seyvoth Manor to our Curriculum.  David has several other adventures and map packs available at DrivethruRPG and/or though his own website. Please feel free to download this …

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Apr 06

The Campaigns: Made Men – Episode 13: Into The Wastelands

Hello all, So, here is Episode 13 of our DnDNext Playtest game.  In this Episode the PC’s brave out into the Wastelands in an effort to reach the Old Stone Fort Tower. As I cover in my Intro; this was the first game I ran since having my surgery and I was definitely a little …

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