December 2012 archive

Dec 26

The Campaigns. Made Men: Episode 5 – Full Circle

Hello All, Here is Episode 5 of Made Men. Full Circle. This is the last 50 minutes or so of our initial Saturday, All-day, gaming session which was originally supposed to be a one-shot DnDNext Play test. As we’ve already discussed, the game was a hit, so much so, that we decided to scrap the …

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Dec 16

“My Favorite” by Caleb

Hello All, Here is what we hope to be the first in a series of articles by new “Guest Lecturer” Caleb, also known as @TheCalebG on twitter.  On of the main goals Evan and I had for this website was to get more people to play this game we love so much. You do that by …

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Dec 15

The Campaigns: Made Men – Episode 4 – Where things go wrong

Hello All, Here is Episode 4 of our D&D Next Playtest campaign. This was an interesting episode to go back and listen too and edit.  By this point we had been playing for several hours and despite the fact that we were having a lot of fun with the game, I can tell people were …

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Dec 10

Short Hiatus

Hello all,   Evan and I wanted to update you that both of us have been having some family medical issues.  Because of that, we have had a hard time making time to play D&D or record our regular podcast.  We had hoped to record Dungeon Talk: Episode 11 tonight, but that just got cancelled. …

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Dec 01

When to say Yes, and when to say No.

Hello All, Recently The AngryDM, one of the people I follow on twitter (and you should too) took a stab at a more thorough look at the oft said rule of “never say no.”  His particular take can be found HERE and I encourage you to read over it. There are a lot of things …

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